It is understandable that not all exporters are cash rich at all times i.e. at times, businesses need financing for a variety of production related needs to ensure that they are able to meet the demand of their international buyers on time.

As someone who understands your needs, Trafin offers you pre-shipment financing solutions in the form of Murabaha Finance and Istisna Finance.


At times, exporters need funds to purchase the raw material required for manufacturing. If you require financing for procuring inputs in order to produce the goods to be exported, Trafin will procure the goods of your choice for you and sell it you through the Murabaha financing on a deferred payment basis leaving you with no worries in meeting your manufacturing targets.


Trafin understands that as an exporter, you may need to finance a variety of needs related to your manufacturing requirements. Through Istisna Financing, Trafin assists you by paying you upfront for acquiring the goods to be delivered against a certain Purchase Order. Once the good are produced and transferred into Trafin’s ownership, Trafin appoints you as its agent to export the goods on its behalf.


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