The modern day trade finance is a complex world entailing dynamic intricacies. With the rapid growth of technology, the range of trade finance solutions has also grown exponentially. Leveraging some of these solutions can not only expand your value proposition beyond borders but can also help you achieve unprecedented heights for your business.
As one of the leading shariah compliant provider of financing solutions, Trafin wishes to help you raise the bar for your business by offering you all the modern day Trade Finance options whether they are related to imports, exports , guarantees or any other needs you may have.


As the business world increasingly becomes a global village, Imports are an integral part for a lot of businesses. At times, the required inputs for your products and services are either not available in your country or are too expensive to procure locally as compared to importing them. For this purpose, businesses often require import services. Trafin realises the criticality of import financing solutions for your business and therefore offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that covers all type of Letter of Credit related services needed to ensure that you are able to discover the true potential of your business.


Letter of Credit is an essential part of modern international trade. Trafin provides you with end to end LC solutions from starting from LC opening to LC retirement and including all kinds of LCs.


If you are an importer who is simply looking for a platform to open your LC, Trafin opens the LC for you against a certain service fee. In terms of shariah, this arrangement is referred to as Ijara tul Ashkhaas, where in a fee is paid to the service provider for rendering certain services.


If you do not require funding for your imported goods/ assets, Trafin simply acts as a channel through which you make the payment to the exporter at the time of LC retirement. However, if you had requested for the LC to be funded at the time of LC opening, at the LC retirement date, Trafin retires the LC by making payment to the exporter.


Being one of the vital cogs in Trade Finance, Exports is one of the most critical functions for many businesses around the world. A majority of the businesses looking to expand their operations and to explore new markets resort to exporting their goods to different countries. Exporting not only gives you a chance to showcase your business as an international brand but it also allows you to explore unchartered territories.Realising its importance for you, Trafin offers a variety of Export solutions covering both your pre-shipment and post-shipment financing needs.


It is understandable that not all exporters are cash rich at all times i.e. at times, businesses need financing for a variety of production related needs to ensure that they are able to meet the demand of their international buyers on time.


At times, exporters need funds to purchase the raw material required for manufacturing. If you require financing for procuring inputs in order to produce the goods to be exported, Trafin will procure the goods of your choice for you and sell it you through the Murabaha financing on a deferred payment basis leaving you with no worries in meeting your manufacturing targets.


Trafin understands that as an exporter, you may need to finance a variety of needs related to your manufacturing requirements. Through Istisna Financing, Trafin assists you by paying you upfront for acquiring the goods to be delivered against a certain Purchase Order. Once the good are produced and transferred into Trafin’s ownership, Trafin appoints you as its agent to export the goods on its behalf.


Exporters often sell their goods on a credit basis. Not only this involves a certain of level of trust on the importer but it also implies an inevitable delay in receiving the payments. Considering, however, that these are the norms of Trade Finance, businesses often need a mechanism wherein they can receive the benefits of cash sales without having to worry about receiving their payments from their buyers. For this reason, exporters often resort to conventional Bill Discounting by applying for financing against the Bill of Exchange.
Considering that the conventional bill discounting process involves bai ul dayn (trade of debt) which is a form of interest, Trafin offers a unique you shariah compliant solution in the form of Currency Salam.


In Currency Salam, upon your presentation of the Bill to Trafin, Trafin keeps the Bill as its security and enters to a Salam contract with you as per which it purchases the Foreign Currency from you (to be delivered at the Bill maturity date) against Canadian Dollars to be paid on spot.


Different kind of guarantee is encountered in trade business including bank guarantees, performance guarantees, bid bonds, standby letters of credit, shipping guarantees, etc. In terms of shariah, providing a financial guarantee comes under the ambit of Kafalah which refers to a contract in which one assumes another’s liability with a recourse. If you are ever required to produce a guarantee, Trafin will act as a guarantor on your behalf as long as the guarantee is being used for a shariah-compliant purpose.


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