Trade finance is a critical enabler of international trade, providing an essential bridge between an importer’s preference to pay upon receipt of products, and an exporter’s desire to be paid upon product shipment, with service providers extending credit or payment guarantees that reconciles the cash flow needs of both exporters and importers.Trade finance can be provided by banks acting as intermediaries, in particular where the trade relationship involves one or more developing countries. Alternatively, an open credit arrangement can be established between longstanding trade partners with robust creditworthiness, against which exporters can insure to mitigate non-payment risk or release funds prior to buyers making payment. At Trafin, we are hoping to provide Innovative services to cater the growing demands of Sharia'ah Compliant Islamic Trade Finance solutions.


Expand international operations with having a risk-positive outlook to grow sales in new markets. Our export financing solutions let you increase your capacity, allowing you to take on more export contracts by improving cashflow. We have a higher risk appetite than commercial banks in various market, and can supplement better funding capacity. Our trade specialists have the in-depth knowledge to help you assess emerging market risks and give you the confidence you need to expand your business.

  • Letter of Credit
  • Banker's Acceptance
  • Accepted Bills
  • Bill of Exchange Purchase
  • Export Credit (Pre and Post shipment)
  • Outwards Bills of Collections
  • Partnership Finance


Access the working capital you need and improve cash flow by bridging the gap between settlement with suppliers and payment from buyers, putting you in the position to negotiate better prices. Our import finance solutions offer flexible financing options, fixed or variable repayments and a drawdown process on individual transactions to qualified importers. This is combined with our international trade expertise, which enables us to design a structure to suit your specific trading cycle.

  • Letter of Credits
  • Inward Bills of Collection
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Accepted Bills
  • Working Capital
  • Islamic Factoring
  • Banker's Acceptance


A risk management tool where the bank guarantees a stipulated sum to the beneficiary if the counter-party doesn’t perform its specific obligations under the terms of the contract.It gives small businesses the ability to prove their creditworthiness to the counter-party. Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships, through the use of guarantees and standby letters of credit.

  • Letter of Credit
  • Wakalah
  • Kafalah
  • Murabahah


Let us help you focus on your organization’s key strategic objectives with customized solutions that optimize working capital and support asset servicing needs.